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Online Video Clinic #1 ($39.97 value)

Football Success Formula

Featuring Mack Brown (University of Texas)

  • The four keys to building a winning football team (this may surprise you!)
  • 8 keys to building better leaders on your team... PLUS, simple steps to becoming a better leader yourself... practically overnight!
  • How to identify and STOP bad practice habits cold in their tracks... and prevent "lazy football" from sabotaging your team!
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #2 ($39.97 value)

Football Leadership Secrets

Featuring Bobby Bowden (2-Time National Champion & College Football Hall of Famer)

  • The #1 secret to inspiring your athletes to compete at their highest level
  • The #1 goal all football coaches should have and how to get your players to accomplish it, game in and game out!
  • How today’s players differ from players in the past... and how you can take advantage of these differences to win more games now!
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #3 ($39.97 value)

Tackling: Youth to College

Featuring Scott Shafer (University of Syracuse)

  • 6 simple keys for teaching basic tackling mechanics. Easy to grasp and easy to explain to your team, whether you're brand new to coaching, or have years of experience!
  • A "Door Tackle" drill that trains your defensive players to locate the football, react quickly, and explode to the ball-carrier like a heat-seeking missile!
  • 4 essential coaching points for side-line tackling - plus a fun, competitive drill that your players will LOVE
  • And much more...

Online Video Clinic #4 ($39.97 value)

Quarterback Drills & Techniques

Featuring Jonathan Gill (C.W. Post University)

  • The best way to disguise a screen pass. Gives your offense a great chance for a big yardage play
  • 5 killer agility drills that develop blazing quickness in the pocket. Perfect for warming up at the beginning of practice
  • How to train your QB's to run up in the pocket when it's collapsing around them.
  • And much more...

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