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Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Coach,

If you're looking for a single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop for legitimate, tested, unique and FUN football drills for rapidly building fundamental skills in your players… for transforming ordinary teams into extraordinary teams

… for planning better practices, winning more games, and eliminating your coaching stress…

If you'd like to be personally mentored by the most respected, most accomplished, and most innovative football coaches on the planet… coaches who have actually won multiple championships at the high school, college and professional levels…

who love to teach… and have a "knack" for breaking down football skills and strategies in a way that's easy for ANYONE to understand…

And... if you're the type of coach who wants to see results FAST… big, dramatic improvements in the way your team plays in the least possible time…

Then, please -- stop whatever you're doing and listen closely. This could be the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why.

In just a few moments, you're going to have a risk free opportunity to access FOUR all-new KILLER football coaching video clinics featuring over 117 wickedly effective drills you can take immediately to the field...

That's A $159.88 Value
And All It Will Cost You Is A Measly Buck!

This is going to get your coaching juices flowing like never before, and - once you learn these secrets - you'll be chomping at the bit to get out on the field and try this stuff with your team.

Now… you're probably saying to yourself right now "what's included in this package?" and "why on earth is Coach Steve giving away all this stuff for just one dollar?"

Both good questions. And probably what I'd be asking myself right now if I were reading this letter.

Not to worry.

I'm going to walk you through everything that's waiting for you… all 4 video clinics packed with stunningly effective football drills and coaching tips… with no strings attached.

Here's What's Included

  • Football Success Formula ($39.97 value)
  • Football Leadership Secrets ($39.97 value)
  • Tackling: Youth to College ($39.97 value)
  • Quarterback Drills & Techniques ($39.97 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $159.88
Your Price: One Dollar!

There's no "fluff" here. And no beating around the bush.

In each one of these videos, you're getting a world-class coach with a proven track record of success... blowing the lid off his favorite "insider" techniques and strategies for better football.

And there's no need to waste time experimenting with unproven strategies. Everything you'll learn has been pre-tested and approved by other Football Inner Circle members.

Simply watch these videos… teach the techniques to your kids (we'll show you how, using simple breakdown drills and step by step instructions)… then sit back and watch while your team dominates your competition and racks up more wins than you ever thought possible!

Okay, you're probably hungry for some more details... so let's go through each of these videos one by one.

Video Clinic #1

Football Success Formula

Featuring Mack Brown (University of Texas)

You probably know Mack Brown as the former Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns. But he cut his teeth in the 80's and 90's with the UNC Tar Heels, transforming them from a 1-10 laughingstock to the #4 ranked program in the country.

He's racked up three Big 12 Championships... won the BCS National Title in 2005... and pulled in more coach of the year awards than you can shake a stick at.

Not to mention he was the highest paid college coach in the world in 2009 ($5.2 million a season), and commands $40,000 a pop to speak at motivational conferences for corporate bigwigs.

Inside this incredible online video clinic, Coach Brown reveals his most treasured football coaching secrets. From how he organizes his practices... to the specific drills he uses for offense, defense and special teams... to his favorite motivational and team building strategies, and much, much more.

You'll Get 47 Game-Tested Drills For Offense, Defense and Special Teams

  • Offensive Line Drills: Run Blocking Progression, Pass Protection Progression, and more
  • Running Back Drills: Strip & Punch Drill, Leg Lift Drill, Jump Cut Drill and more
  • Tight End Drills: Drive Block Drill, Finish Drill, Lamborghini Drill and more
  • Wide Receiver Drills: 5 Cone Nose over Toes, Mirror Blocking, Backpedal Burst and more
  • Special Teams Drills: Block the Kick, Halfline Punting, Gunner Drill and more
  • Defensive Back Drills: Pedal Drill, Dig Flip Drill, W Drill and more
  • Defensive Line Drills: Hoop Drill, Stick Drill, Duke Drill and more
  • Linebacker Drills: Pursuit Drill, Shuffle Drill, Hat & Hands Drill
  • Group Period Drills: Pass Protection OL vs LB, 1 on 1 WR vs DB, Dallas Drill and more

Plus Dozens of Wickedly Effective Coaching Tips

  • How to plan and run a "greasy-smooth" practice that rapidly builds fundamental skills, while making the best possible use of your field time
  • The four keys to building a winning football team (this may surprise you!)
  • How to identify and STOP bad practice habits cold in their tracks... and prevent "lazy football" from sabotaging your team!
  • How to surround yourself with talented assistants who will get the most out of you and your players
  • 8 keys to building better leaders on your team... PLUS, simple steps to becoming a better leader yourself... practically overnight!
  • How to build a disciplined, hard working team... while injecting your practices and team meetings with a fun atmosphere your players will love!
  • A "no brainer" technique to make sure your team NEVER comes out "flat" for a game!
  • A cool "Band of Brothers" naming trick that makes your kids swell with pride, confidence, and comradery... almost instantly!
  • The best way to vary your team's "contact level" for different parts of the season - from "tracking" drills, to "thud" drills, to full contact scrimmages
  • How to give an athlete CONSTRUCTIVE feedback that actually BOOSTS his confidence, while inspiring him to work harder to improve!
  • And much more...
Get Mack Brown's Football Success Formula For Just $1

Video Clinic #2

Football Leadership Secrets

Featuring Bobby Bowden (University of Florida)

Online video clinic #2 comes from one of the most respected college coaches in American history - 2-time National Champion and College Football Hall of Famer Bobby Bowden.

At Florida State, Coach Bowden’s Seminole teams finished in the top five of the AP rankings 14 straight years. He lead his team to bowl games 27 straight seasons and finished his career with an incredible 377-129-4 record.

Bowden personally mentored 26 consensus All-Americans, two Heisman trophy winners and saw 150 of his players drafted into the NFL, including nearly 30 first round picks.

Inside this exclusive presentation, he reveals the leadership secrets he used to build winning programs over more than 5 decades of coaching.

Here Are Some Of The Secrets You'll Learn

  • 4 easy things you can do to immediately boost your coaching credibility
  • How to discipline your team and maintain their respect (without yelling and screaming)
  • The #1 secret to inspiring your athletes to compete at their highest level
  • How to develop a team with a 'won’t quit' attitude, even when things aren't going your way
  • How to motivate players week to week, and keep them engaged for the entire season!
  • Stress free techniques for managing playing time, without caving to political pressure
  • How to recruit and maintain a top-notch coaching staff that makes your job a whole lot easier
  • How to develop a positive attitude that's contagious to everyone in your program!
  • The #1 goal all football coaches should have and how to get your players to accomplish it, game in and game out!
  • The 3 qualities all great leaders have and exactly how to develop them!
  • How today’s players differ from players in the past... and how you can take advantage of these differences to win more games now!
  • How to motivate players both during the season and during the off-season
  • Why benching your most talented player is sometimes necessary
  • And a lot more...

And much, much more. Click on the button below right now to get instant access to all 4 videos - right over your computer screen!

Get Football Leadership Secrets Now - $1

Video Clinic #3

Tackling: Youth to College

Featuring Scott Shafer (University of Syracuse)

Your next instructor in this incredible package is none other than Scott Shafer - one of the most respected defensive coaches in the game.

He's worked as defensive coordinator at some of the top Division 1 programs in the country... from Michigan... to Stanford... Syracuse... and Western Michigan.

Inside this astonishing video, Shafer reveals his patented step by step system for installing pro-level tackling skills into ANY player... from wet-behind-the-ears Pop Warner kids who've never stepped onto a football field before... to experienced college athletes.

There's something here for everyone -from basic tackling fundamentals all the way to advanced techniques and strategies.

All explained with clear instructions, coaching points, and on-field demonstrations.

Here's a Small Sample of What's Included

  • 6 simple keys for teaching basic tackling mechanics. Easy to grasp and easy to explain to your team, whether you're brand new to coaching, or have years of experience! (find it at 8:50)
  • How to know when a young kid is really ready for contact football… and how to give him the best chance of success on the field (1:07)
  • A "coaching the eyes" technique that trains a player to execute tackles with maximum force and precision, while protecting himself and minimizing the chance of injury (2:04)
  • The absolute best drill I've seen for angle tackling - reminds your kids to attack the hip pocket, shoot the hands, and force the ball-carrier backwards (16:08)
  • A "Door Tackle" drill that trains your defensive players to locate the football, react quickly, and explode to the ball-carrier like a heat-seeking missile! (21:55)
  • A new twist on the classic "Eye Opener" drill. A must-do drill for every linebacker on your team (25:28)
  • 4 essential coaching points for side-line tackling - plus a fun, competitive drill that your players will LOVE (29:22)
  • A unique "Ball Cut Tackle" drill that trains your kids to bypass blockers, aggressively pursue the ball-carrier, then drive him to the turf with jaw-dropping power (29:22)
  • An easy "Dip and Rip" secret to creating separation, blowing past offensive linemen, and penetrating deep into the backfield. Master this one technique and you'll immediately force more sacks, hurried throws, and tackles for losses (33:12)
  • How to improve your players' field awareness and teach them to become "smart team tacklers" with a fun 3 on 1 "Cup It drill. This is the best drill I've seen for simulating an open field tackle in a real game situation! (37:33)
  • A little known (yet wildly effective) "Sweep Tackle" technique that allows even the smallest, skinniest kids to pulverize 220 pound running backs with ease! (42:01)
  • Want to inject more aggression and fire into your defensive players? This cool "Shed to Sweep" drill is sure to become a team favorite! (45:33)

And a lot more.

Click on the button below to get instant access to this video, plus 3 more! Your investment is just one dollar!

Get Tackling: Youth to College Now - $1

Video Clinic #4

Quarterback Drills & Techniques

Featuring Jonathan Gill (C.W. Post University)

This next video comes to you from C.W. Post University Quarterbacks Coach Jonathan Gill… one of the hottest, most brilliant young QB coaches in the game.

Gill was a standout at the University of Akron, earning three letters and All-Conference honors before being snapped up into the coaching ranks at the ripe age of 24.

Inside this incredible video, you'll discover 46 astonishingly effective drills for throwing mechanics, footwork, drops, agility, and conditioning… plus loads of unique "tactical drills" that work wonders for your quarterback's game preparation.

It's over 89 minutes long, and jam-packed with everything you need to develop an all-star quarterback.

Here's a Small Sample of What's Included

  • The simple "Pigeon Toe" trick that eliminates false stepping and allows your quarterback to drive back off the center with maximum speed and precision (3:24)
  • An amazing 3-second "Pencil Grip" test that ensures your QB is applying the right amount of pressure to the football. (5:57)
  • A nifty "Hip Rotation" drill that trains your QB's to launch passes with the power and accuracy of a laser-guided missile! (11:04)
  • How to correct a quarterback who's consistently overthrowing his targets. Easy to do, once you see this little-known technique! (14:21)
  • The 3 most important drops your quarterbacks need to master. You'll get step by step instructions and detailed demonstrations walking you through every phase of this critical skill (16:01)
  • What your quarterbacks absolutely MUST NOT DO with their EYES at the line of scrimmage. Most coaches allow their kids to make this blunder over and over… and pay the price with costly turnovers. (25:21)
  • A jealously guarded "T-Step" technique that makes it EASY to unleash accurate passes on the run. So effective (and so simple to learn)… you'll want to keep this one a secret! (32:04)
  • 5 killer agility drills that develop blazing quickness in the pocket. Perfect for warming up at the beginning of practice (33:39)
  • An amazing 4-step ball-handling circuit that builds vice-like finger and hand strength in your QB's. If you want to eliminate fumbles, missed snaps, or flubbed handoffs in the backfield, watch this section VERY closely (39:21)
  • How to teach your QB's to make accurate pitches under pressure. Absolutely ESSENTIAL if you're running any kind of option offense! (41:40)
  • A drill some "old school" coaches scoff at -- yet it improves your quarterback's upper body mechanics and arm strength like nothing you've ever seen! (43:55)
  • 2 wickedly effective game situation drills that train your quarterback to anticipate when a receiver will be open… then fire a guided missile "strike" right into his chest with precision timing (48:02)
  • A "Hit, Hitch & Throw" drill that builds pro-level body awareness in the backfield. It's easy to teach, and immediately translates to more accurate throws and better decisions in the pocket (58:45)
  • How to train your quarterbacks to make a 18-22 yard "seam pass." Sounds tough, I know… but when you see these 3 "Cross Bar Drills" - you'll immediately understand the simple secret to dropping the ball right over the linebacker's head and inside the safety's coverage with ease! (65:28)
  • A "Blindfold" method that immediately improves mental and physical awareness. Once your QB has this down, he'll be reading ANY defense like an open book… and marching your team into the end zone on nearly every possession! (69:00)
  • The best way to disguise a screen pass. Gives your offense a great chance for a big yardage play (74:08)
  • The #1 key to throwing the ball with accuracy and consistency. Hint: It's NOT what you think!. (81:39)
  • How to train your QB's to run up in the pocket when it's collapsing around them. (85:10)
  • Why your QB needs to "pull the football down" in his throwing motion. Getting this simple technique correct eliminates 80% of throwing errors! (88:01)

And much, much more. Click on the button below right now to get instant access to all 4 videos - right over your computer screen!

Get Quarterback Drills & Techniques Now - $1

That's Over 4 Hours and 14 Minutes of Pure, Powerful Football Coaching Gold Delivered Right Over Your Computer or Mobile Device - Just 30 Seconds From Now!

It doesn't matter if you're a rank beginner who's never stepped on the field before… or if you've been coaching football all your life… I guarantee you'll find loads of all-new, stunningly effective drills that will immediately and permanently transform your football team into a dominating powerhouse!

Here's How it Works

As soon as you sign up, you'll be directed to our Football Inner Circle members area, where you can instantly access all 10 videos right over your Internet connection.

Everything is mobile ready and compatible with any device. You can watch the videos on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Okay, you're probably wondering, what's the catch?

Why The Heck is Coach Steve Giving Me $159.88 Of Killer Football Coaching Information For Just One Dollar?

It's really quite simple! I'm trying to get you "hooked!"

That's right. I'm shamelessly attempting to get you "addicted" to my Football Inner Circle program. Look, if the videos are as good as I say they are… if you really do see the immediate and permanent improvements in the way your team plays, you'd be silly not to continue, right?

Of course!!!

But on the other hand, if these videos don't deliver the goods, we don't deserve your money. It's as simple as that. This way you're the judge, jury, and - if need be - executioner.

To claim your package, all you have to do is click on the button below.

There is a one-time charge for hosting and bandwidth of $1.00. THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING. Frankly, you've got to experience the videos for yourself because anything I say just doesn't matter until you try it.

If you enjoy the videos and want to remain a member of Football Inner Circle, I'll send you a brand new football coaching online video clinic every 30 days.

I've reviewed hundreds of coaching videos and personally selected the hottest topics from the best coaches on the planet... all geared to save you time, improve your players skills and help you win more games.

Once you see how much better your team plays… and how much easier and more enjoyable your coaching job is, we'll simply automatically charge you the lowest fee for ongoing Football Inner Circle membership - only $29.95 per month.

It's a fun, convenient way to get new drills, new strategies, and new coaching tips sent directly to your desktop.

So your players will never get bored of the "same-old" practices... and you'll stay one step ahead of your competition throughout the entire season.

If, at any time, you feel like you're not getting the results I’ve promised, just email me at support [at] and say "cancel" and it's done.

There are no hassles, no questions, and definitely no hard feelings. Even if you decide to accept the 4 videos for a buck, and nothing else after that.

Okay... There Is One "Catch"

If you're going to become a member of my Football Inner Circle, and I'd LOVE to have you in it, there are two conditions you'll have to meet.

Condition #1

You have to commit to using these strategies with your team this season.


I’m 100% confident that when you try this stuff, the game will become easier, you'll win more often… and you’ll have more FUN coaching than you ever have before.

But you need to actually use these techniques in order to see the results.

I'm not trying to be mean or harsh. But the purpose of this offer is to help you achieve the success your team is capable of… and only 100 new members are allowed in each month.

So I’d prefer not to waste the slots on those who won’t actually use the information.

Condition #2

You have to be ethical and a good sport.

The techniques you’ll discover inside Football Inner Circle are so incredibly powerful and effective, you're going to utterly dominate some teams in your league.

So you have to promise that you'll maintain the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship. That means no running up the score… no showboating… and no trash talking.

If you can meet those 2 conditions, I’d be honored to have you accept these 4 videos and test drive my Inner Circle program. Simply click on the button below and you can get started immediately!

But please, don’t hesitate. My accountant thinks I'm absolutely nuts to try an offer like this... and one of my business partners has already threatened to toss me in the loony bin.

In the end, he (reluctantly) agreed to allow this offer for just 100 new members each month. Any more than that, and I could really lose my shirt.

After those slots are gone, I have no idea if or when we’ll ever make this offer again. If you come back tomorrow, the limit could be filled and the offer closed.

So don’t go back to checking your email or surfing the web. Click on the button now to claim your gift today. It could be your only chance.

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Happy Members (And Counting)

Bill Marr

I have been coaching for 17 years. Steve, your program is exceptional. To be honest, I am always skeptical of buying information on the internet with the hope it fullfills the needs I desire for my team.

Your program does and it really helps make the practices and tryouts perfectly structured. Keep up the good work. Your program is a must for all Youth coaches.

Bill Marr Mokena, IL
Todd Kepler

It was a huge help because it gave me tons of new drills to run throughout the year that I was not previously aware of. The program gave me drill options that I can use now when my boys are young and drills I can implement as they get older. Our record was 6-0-2 for the regular season.

Todd Kepler McAdenville Dolphins (5-6 Yr Olds) - McAdenville, NC
Coach Robert Holland

My focus is to be sure my coaches are all on the same page in terms of philosophy. Your system makes it easy to coach the game.

PS – If other coaches ask, I’ll be keeping this info to myself….(sorry, I’m a little competitive)

Coach Robert Holland Coquitlam Wildcats - Coquitlam, B.C., Canada
Bob Stidd

Our team record was 9-0… and we only allowed 4 touchdowns all season!

Bob Stidd Mighty Mite Blue Chiefs - Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA

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